Mr Santini recently attended the annual NW Peri-articular Joint Infection meeting held at The Liver Buildings in Liverpool on 10th October 2019. This is a meeting attended by Orthopaedic Surgeons, Microbiologists and Infection Disease Consultants with the aim to educate on the difficult issue of infection in joint replacements – both prevention and treatment.

Mr Santini gave a lecture on the NW registry that he has been instrumental in setting up with the other members of the NW PJI MDT working group. He updated the audience on where the registry is at present with a little under 300 entries in it. He showed some of the early research that is coming from it – the role of histology in diagnosis of infection – and where they aim to be over the next few years.

The meeting was excellent and this year they also had shoulder surgeon speakers as well making it truly inclusive group.